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GOURNAY EN BRAY - Take the tour “Au Fil des Pas” and discover the cultural patrimony of Gournay En Bray: the Cappuccino monastery, the oldest house in Gournay (1600), collegiate church of Saint Hildevert, the windmill, the gates of Paris (1780), the Town hall, the ancient moats and the monumental Fontana (1799). Numerous recreational and sports facilities and a very important open air market held every Tuesday are added attractions.
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CHATEAU DE MERVAL - A magnificent site where an agricultural school emphasizes the value of breeding and raising Normandy milk cows. An apple orchard produces the apples that are used in the production and the distillation of apple cider. You will also be able to learn about the companies that are involved in the transformation of various food products including one of the most famous cheeses such as “Neufchatel”. TRADITIONALLY MADE PRODUCTS - You will appreciate the variety and the quality of our products such as: “Neufchatel” cheese, apple cider, baked apples, and the internationally famous “Calvados” apple cider. You can visit a goat farm, a snail breeding structure and a biological farm.
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DISCOVERING THE CULTURAL PATRIMONY - Important, rich, variegated: castles, churches, collegiate structures, abbeys, ancient villages; scenic roads and their panoramas will allow you to discover our region in more detail so that you can appreciate its variegatedness: forests, cultivated fields and plains bordered by hedges and all to be found in this pleasant corner of the world. FOR WALKS - There are numerous bicycle and nature observing trails that take you into the in the peace and quiet of the surrounding countryside and forest to discover nature. Bicycles are available.
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